Award for project Bobbin online

When I heard a call in the news: Join the European Year of Cultural Heritage with the slogan”Our heritage: Where the past meets with the future ” I thought, that this is exactly what I do. I am connecting the value which I see in the bobbin lace with the future. The accessibility of teaching bobbin lace through an online course seems to me to be key for the future of bobbin lace in Slovakia.

And I was curious, whether  Commission granting authorization to use mark the European Year of Cultural Heritage will think it too.

My project Bobbin online has been accepted among the projects highlighting the cultural heritage and was authorized to use the mark ERKD – European Year of Cultural Heritage.

I got this permission for: Bobbin lacing ON-LINE – Teaching bobbin lace through online courses


We are in the  fourth year of bobbin lace teaching through an online course. From the students’ reactions gradually show that an online course has more benefits than I originally thought.

A number of people in the online course have verified that I have described and shot in sufficient detail to be able to learn bobbin lace over the Internet. Finally was my meticulous sense for detail for something good. The name of the beginner online course is “From Cloth to Teeth in the Lace” and I am happy that it is so real to get by bobbining through my course to the lace with a curved edge.


For many reasons, many people are very long in level “I know a little cloth”- they are practically beginners who want to move on. Most often it is because of lack of time and energy to attend live courses and also because of lack of time space on live course. Such ideal that I experienced in Spania Dolina years ago – that for two beginners was one teacher  5 days a week is unique.

In the online course, the big advantage is that the lecturer is available 24 hours a day and students choose when they have enough time, comfort and energy – and then they start learning. Lessons are shown sequentially to avoid overwhelming information and tasks at the beginning. We are moving slowly from a cloth, where many women are stuck, to other patterns up to the lace teeth.

I start the online course cycle several times a year and in the facebook group we are watching continuance of cycles together and share the joy of lace. The group is common,but everyone has their own pace – so the posts come from different lessons in the course and sometimes from different parts of the world. I write instructions to the students 3 times a week for each step of the lesson, so I will gradually guide them through the course. If they are in time, it is great, if not never mind. They will watch the lessons and when they need it, they know where to look for .

Courses are often bought for a mom or wife who is technically less proficient, evertheless everything works for them. When you sign up for an online course, it’s intuitively clear where you’re going. Teaching texts and procedures are clear and videos can be speeded up and slowed down.

Online student work

The possibility of having your own pace is important. I tried it with the first wave of women in an online course – bobbing in real time three months of the patterns  which I teach – I was careful to make it, but my students don’t have to. After completing the online course, access to the course and to the facebook group remains with each student and can continue at their pace.

Online student work

We grow something together – we learn to have time for ourselves. This is challenge for women 21st Century. I don’t know like other years – but mine has a big “I MUST” everything else and after that we are here for ourselfs. So, together with my online students, we are unlearning and slowly getting used to creating space for ourselves.

If you have hesitated so far, whether you join us – join us.
Free lesson is here »

I am pleased, honored and grateful. And I am looking forward to all of you, with whom we will start bobbing with new energy