BOBBIN JEWELLERY of metallic thread

The first jewellery special took you through the basics of jewelery bobbin and we worked with linen threads. Now we move a bit together and try what it is like to make jewellery made of metallic threads.

How we will proceed?

The bobbin of individual jewellery is planned for one month so that a new jewellery starts every week. You can participate in the course if you know to use a cloth weave, ring weave and spider weave.

In the video manuals you will find processed  starting of lace, bobbining individual lace patterns and closing of lace with regard to making jewelery. You will still have access to the lessons after the  edn of course and will be able to return to them at any time in the future.

The course content is divided into four themes:

Theme 1: Cloth weave and beads

Jewelery warm-up – we bobbin a cloth weave and look at where we can move the lace by adding beads after finishing the lace. Technic: cloth with two guide pairs.

Theme 2: Byzant´s pattern

The Byzantine earring in the picture redraw into a pattern for bobbin and create your own jewellery. And it doesn’t have to be earrings. Let yourself be surprised. Technic: cloth weave, ring weave

Theme 3: Classic pattern as a jewel

The classic pattern is itself a jewel. Besides that, when you make it as a bracelet, you have the jewel immediately, you can also pick out the detail and make a completely different jewel. In Topic 3, we will look at how to pick out the lace detail and make it an original piece of jewelry in which the lace can only be seen by people who bobbin. Technics: cloth weave, spider weave.

Theme 4: Design brooches inspired by the classic

From the historical brooch we take its classic shape and show how to design an original pattern. They interested me imperial brooches with rhombus shape. There is a rhombus in the lace in the picture, do you see it? But don’t worry, we do not bobbin this even though the technic  of bobbining this piece is at some point an inspiration for the pattern. Technic: cloth weave.

Course bonuses

The main bonus to the online course are video tutorials on jewellery making. In the videos I will sew threads, sew and string beads. Do you want to know when the lessons will be translated into English? Write me your email and I will let you know.