Stories from the collection of lace

It is quite probably that you have a box of laces at home that you care because someone gave them or you inherited them, and nevertheless, what they look like after years is sorry to throw them away.

There is beauty in them that is it’s a shame to hide. My great wish is to the lace live and nourish us with its beauty – to make us happier, more filled and more beautiful. So that strengthened by its energy, we could spread happiness, fullness and beauty

Every piece of lace has its own story. There are a few in my collection:

Story 1 – Beginning

I founded my lace collection in 2003. It was a period in which I fulfilled my dream and I lived to the full  of my lace workshop, which I then operated. The workshop had only  little profit so I had to go to work to make a living. Today, as a mother and wife, I prefer to operate my activities online.

I enjoyed my dream to the fullest – I made exhibitions to authors of lace and everything what related with lace. I was too busy to make my own lace. Except a few hours a week when I taught my students in regular courses.

Story 2 – Zuzana

In 2010, we review the collection of lace and embroidery she had at home. She was already telling me to write closed sections for clients – in today’s notion of a member section of online courses for beginners or advanced. Those laces that were bobbin laced gave me. The color of the lace was dirty-brown-gray but the lace seemed beautiful to me. One piece I let it harden with Powertex.

The next picture is a lace that has been in the box for a very long time. Color was useless. Such a dyed has more possibilities of use. The first is seen in the photo. Another place to use is a pillow, bag, picture – or whatever  what pleases you.

Story 3 – Evka

So many she calls when the course will be – until it finally was. More women were calling this way, but Evka was the obstinatest She saw “Free Demo” and wanted to bobin on. Now she is in my bobbin lace online courses . He still drives me forward. She crocheted the Christmas star on the way to Piešťany to Liptovský Mikuláš. I made from it a candlestick for a good mood:

There are even more stories in my collection. Later, I will share with you more stories. And what you? Do you have your collection of lace? If you want to share some of the stories that brought your lace to you, write to me – we will be happy together.

I warmly greet you, I wish you a nice day and a nice bobbin,